Sep 8, 2011

Elvis Presley

king of rock n roll
As you peeps can see from the above, he's the famous king of rock and roll - Elvis Presley. Nope, this post is not bout me getting all gaga over him. I love his songs, not him though he's one of my dad's fav singers. So when me n my sis were young, the car used to be full of all these evergreen 50s-70s songs. It was nice *though i feel so iceage for not even knowing who westlife/spicegirls/BSB were at that age T_T) 

My adik, being the random her used to sing along to his songs. Haih, she WAS such a cute lil girl. Anyway, one day, when one of Elvis's song came on the radio...she was like,

"Pa, this is the song from Elvis BREASTLEY right?"

Damn it was hilarious.

Yea, it's a random post. It serve no purpose.



Aug 27, 2011

Kaka is back....Again!~\\=.=//~

Heloo everyone! yes,i'm back AGAIN after a long time not posting anything on this blog....sorry! T_T anyway, i just wanna update on some stuff for this entry, So the first one would be 'Happy Ramadhan' to everyone who are fasting and in a couple of days, we will all be celebrating Hari Raya....YEY! even though, i don't actually have the Raya mood for this year but i guess the idea of getting ang pau from Pa and Ma on the first day of Raya is making me kinda excited hehehe! Now, on to the next subject would be *drum roll*

Korean Music Wave Live in Malaysia! and y'know what, GdTop and Seungri are gonna come! i was hoping for all five of them to come but since Daesung is currently having a hard time after the accident and Taeyang probably have some activities of his own, i guess GDtop and Seungri would do for this time. By the way, Che and I went to the Korean Music wave in Singapore last July, and i have to say GdTOP,Seungri and Taeyang (no daesung again F4) and 2ne1 was AWESOME~ the stadium was literally full with VIPs and Blackjacks. U-kiss, Miss A, FT island, Teen top and some other performers was great too but still, they were no match to Big bang and 2ne1..hehhe! i cant wait to watch them live in Malaysia~

here are some pictures of them in KMW in Singapore last July
                                           ahh~ so hawt! *nosebleed*
                        wondering what was i doing at that time? jumping 
                        and maybe screaming..hehehe
(credit to the owner of the pictures above)

anyway, imma go now and play with me cat Islam (currently sleeping) hehehhe

P.S to p'bo(Bau) and Che(Anie): My GDhunter account is not cashy anymore T__________T I'm so sad!


Aug 14, 2011

It's been a long time

Exactly as the title says - it has been a long time. Well hello all, it's BB here and how are you all? *Socially awkward moment* haha, well anyways just want to update yall about my life since my last post. To sum it up, it's been very very very, alot.

But anyways, that's not the topic of what I wanted to talk about today. Basically the other day I went to the EKKA, aka, a carnival. Tell yall what, if anyone ends up holidaying here in this part of Australia make sure you come in August *wink wink*. Actually, was thinking of going once more again this year.

 Just there is the animal completing pavilion

Soooooo many ppl!



Mar 20, 2011

I'm quite content with my life now =)

I'm sorry for not updating much for the pass centuries ROFL But nah, one thing about me...when I'm at home with my fam, I just dont give a damn bout my internet life. It's not like we MMU-ians given 3 months for our holly ya noe...2 weeks people - 2?! Anyway, though its just been 2+ years since I'm in uni...a lot of things happened in my live (good/bad) I love em all.

I've always been an egoistic gurl and I won't even bother denying it. Ever since young till now I would often think that I'm damn freaking mature. Now when I look back, I could've been better but that's what growing up means ay? 

These 2 years been awesome. 

If I used to be close to my lil sis, now we're just inseparable. You can't get adik without her jie and vice versa. Without my uni life, I wouldn't have found my daughter, Bau LOL. And seriously, I can't believe how awesome my parents are these days...they're so freaking cool. Surely, at this age and (theirs), you would thought that we wouldn't play chasing in the house? haha =D Tom and Jerry got PAWNED by us aite. ;)

these are my 2 lil idiots 
* Notice: no parents pic cos my dad hates putting his pic in the cyber life lol*

Other than that, I've learned a lot about friends during this short amount of time. I've learned that some people are just plain selfish, arrogant and shit-head. But there's also others that's really kind but maybe they can't click with you way of caring or doing we're just not meant to be friends I guess. It's sad but o wells. Other than that, I met friends who turned into close friends. We share many lil secrets...some are saddening or happy...mostly? They're so effing embarrassing! Hahahaahahaha *winks* to Nina and Yana ;) To begin with, we're just a weird group of friends. Each own different interest or views in life, hobbies and looks but somehow we just got thrown into this hole called friendship. Weird combo, we fought from time to time but it made us closer =)

team awesome or lame-some? lol
Anyway, that's all for now and I'll try my best to update daily...or...weekly hehehe =P



Mar 1, 2011

Quickies: An's sight

Well everyone knows that I'm almost impossible to reach during my hollies. Ehem, *cough* MMU kedekut cuti anyways, hate >.< Therefore, fones...msn...facebook...yea w.e. I'm just too lazy to even bother. Still, that never stop my heart from missing my beloved yet very annoying friends. Hint: nina and yana. A lot of things happened during these past few months. One thing for sure, it's been a rough and enjoyable ride.

Lets start of with the exams....gosh they were hard as HELL (not that hell is hard, rather hot) Anyways, with all the part II to all of the difficult subjects, we knew we're doomed. Though, I'm glad Bau's visit to Malaysia this time was during my study time so I became a very stress-free unlike the usual exam me.

Other than that, had my usual fights with my lil sis. It was scary that's for sure. Even those warriors in 300 shit in their pants during our fight =P (lame An..lame joke.) Still, I think we understand each other wayyyyy better now and I accept my flaws as well as accepting the fact that my adik is growing up into a fine lil lady. Love her more than myself =)

Oh yea, we managed to celebrate CNY with Bau this time too. Its awesome...well tiring but h-e-l-l-o...$$$$ was aweeeesooommeeeee!!

Hmmm...we also went for a trip to Kuantan. LOL it was fun. Duh, staying hotel alone is alrdy fun hehehehe. But yea, it was hell of a trip. Beautiful kampung sceneries, accompanied by 3 childish acts. Imagine, a 20,19 and 15 yr old playing at the beach. Oh no, we weren't doing anything cool....rather, we made thise huge 'Empire' where we collected loads of hermit crabs to be our civilians lol. Oh yea, we even played on ATVs. Each one of us 1!!! OMG That was aweeesooomeeeeeee!

What else... ah!! we also went to Sunway Lagoon for Bau's bday. That was way awesome too. As usual I'm the scaredy-cat when it comes to the rides while Bau and Kaka just hentam all of them. Still, they used the birthday wish excuse on me and dragged me to Scream Park. It was so scary T_T i was about to pee my pants but thank god I lived through it.

I'm still enjoying my holly and considering to skip the 1st week =D hehehehe...though Bau's already back in Oz, home is definitely the best as I'll always get annoyed with my sis, mum, dad and Islam annoying behaviour.

Awww...just love them all.

(Pics update will come soon...if I'm not lazy that is =P)

Feb 13, 2011

My Awesome-filled Trip

Ok, so first of all so sorry Anie and Kaka for my slackness in updating this blog - and thank you both for not whacking me yet for it. It's quite funny to think that you guys could actually whack me literally now ay ;). Well all that rambling to you guys Anie and Kaka is not the purpose of my update today. 

So I'll just keep it short y'all. Lemme just update on the funny/OMG moments that I've been up to on my trip (remember my blog about a month or so ago about my Asian-filled trip?) thus far:

- Sleep in beach side motels that were amazingly $15/night
- Bribed Cambo traffic cops with money
- Went into Bangkok and attempted to speak thai, but semi failed
- Went jet skiing in white shorts that showed my black underwear when I got back on shore FML
- Got teased when speaking Cambo cause it "sounds funny", apparently
- Family members calling me Korean/Japanese girl (I know, wtf right lol)
- Got butt rashes from overly long trips
- Attempted to bargain, so un-aussie-like of me to do so, but I did get the discount :D
- Got dirrhea - like heaps
- Got a facial, it hurt like crazy and they had to put black stuff on my face (see below)

Pfft, Korean right? What's wrong with your eyes guys...more like retartean LOL

LOL NO COMMENT BAU, no comment

Tada, Angkor Wat - it's pretty!

That's all for now, be back later to update about Malaysia ;)
- Bau

Dec 29, 2010

True friend? Part II

Aite, you seem to be quite interested with the story if you're gonna click the link down there =P